Fresh, Dried and Preserved Moss 

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Spanish Moss Here

 Our Spanish moss comes fresh from tree to you!  Harvested from huge oak trees in Central Florida, this moss is absolutely gorgeous with a greenish, light gray appearance. It is soft and fluffy. We hand clean the moss from twigs, leaves and branches, then spray it with an organic spray that is safe to handle. We then package it in boxes with slits so it can breathe as it is live plant. Also available is our handy "Net Bag" that can be conveniently hung for storage to save you valuable floor space. We also have dyed Spanish moss.

Visit our Spanish Moss page for low retail pricing and information or call for our Wholesale Price List.


Sheet Moss Here

 From the mountains to you, Sheet moss looks like little tiny ferns and is about a half inch thick and comes in various sheet sizes. It can be cut with scissors to form the shape you need. Fresh from NC and KY you can order "Just Picked" or dried.

We also have Preserved Sheet moss that keeps its color. Visit our Sheet Moss page for information and low retail pricing or call for our Wholesale Price List.


Mood Moss Here

 Thick and lush is the best way to describe Mood Moss. It's about 3 to 4 inches thick and breaks apart cleanly. Mood moss is a clump type of moss that comes "Just Picked" or dried right from the mountains of NC and KY. We also have Preserved Mood moss for everlasting color.

Visit our Mood Moss page for retail pricing and information, or call for our Wholesale Price list.




Reindeer Moss Here

 Reindeer moss is unique in that it is hard and crunchy and is a white cream color. When broken apart it looks like small shrubs in the wintertime when there are no leaves. When wet it becomes soft and springy. We also have Preserved Reindeer moss that is also soft and springy and comes in Natural Color, Spring Green or Basil.

Visit our Reindeer Moss page for information and low retail pricing or call for our Wholesale Price list.


Curly Black Lichen

 Probably one of the most attractive and interesting lichens is Curly Black lichen. Beautiful white, green and black coloration make this one of the top lichens. Harvested from only certain areas of NC this lichen accents any floral arrangement.

Visit our Curly Black Lichen page for low retail prices and information about this beauty. Or you can call for our Dried Products Wholesale Price List.








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