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From the mountains to you!  Premium Sheet moss, only the best 4 U.  Sheet moss looks like little tiny ferns and is about a half inch thick and comes in various sheet sizes.  It can be cut with scissors or torn apart to form the shape you need.  This premium moss comes fresh from North Carolina and Kentucky so you can order "Just Picked" which comes in waxed boxes or Dried Sheet moss which comes in our boxes with slits. We also have Preserved Sheet moss that keeps it's color indefinitely. 

Our harvesters employ sustainable methods to protect our natural resources and the environment.

Want to plant sheet moss for your yard, maybe near borders, walkways, secluded areas, then check out our Planting & Growing Moss page for easy directions and information.

Our Preserved Sheet moss is one of the primary mosses used in interior wall art.

Try wrapping it around pottery using mono-filament line or pin it with netting to hold in place until it attaches. It is great for making displays, dioramas, arts and crafts, eco-walls, celebration decorations, wreathes and all floral arrangements.  Super for orchids, Japanese Gardens and reptile environments.


For sheet moss going to AK or HI please call for shipping info.

If you are a business, call for our Wholesale price list.

For gardening/industrial use and not for personal use. Do not handle without protective equipment if you have or may have undiagnosed allergies- handle with care.



DRIED - $46.00
1.5 cu ft Box Covers 18 sq ft

Fresh "Just Picked"  $44.50
1.0 cu ft Box Covers 12 sq ft

Preserved - $19.00/LB
5 Lb Increments

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