Mood Moss

  • "Just Picked" Mood Moss

  • Preserved Mood Moss

  • Dried Mood Moss

Thick, lush and velvety is the best way to describe Mood moss. It's about 3 to 4 inches thick and breaks apart cleanly.  Mood moss is a clump type of moss that comes "Just Picked" fresh right from the mountains of North Carolina and Kentucky or "Dried".  We also have it "Preserved" to keep beautiful everlasting color.

Our harvesters employ sustainable methods to ensure our natural resources and the environment.

This moss is loaded with color. Great for rock gardens, Fairy gardens, dish gardens, or adding that great touch to floral arrangements. Can be used for cover for potted plants and orchids, interior landscaping, topiary, architectural models, ground cover for miniatures, school projects and craft projects, fantastic for reptile cages and terrariums.

Preserved Mood moss is ideal for interior wall art, no watering or light necessary.

For planting use our Fresh "Just Picked" Mood moss, gorgeous!  Check out our Planting and Growing moss page for directions and information.

For live mood moss going to CA, please call for shipping info.

If you are a business, call for our Wholesale price list.



1.5 cu ft Box Covers 15 sq ft

"Just Picked"..$37.00
  1.0 cu ft Box Covers 10 sq ft

Preserved....$16.00 / lb
5 lbs Increments.

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