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Our Spanish Moss comes fresh from tree to you!  Harvested from huge trees in Central Florida, this Fresh Spanish Moss is absolutely gorgeous with a greenish, light gray appearance.  It is soft and fluffy.  We hand clean the Spanish Moss from twigs, leaves and branches, then spray it with an organic spray that is safe to handle.  We then package it in boxes with slits so it can breathe as it is a live plant.  We also have dyed Spanish moss.

Our harvesters employ sustainable methods to preserve our natural resources and the environment. For our Spanish moss we offer fresh and dyed.

Excellent for potted plants and interior foliage as a decorative covering. Great for floral arrangements, craft projects and silk trees, can also be separated into strands for special effects, especially with colored lighting. For a rich Southern effect, wedding designers and production companies use Spanish moss in their background themes. Other uses range from display packaging, nurseries, taxidermist, and of course Halloween projects.

Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish Moss), despite its common name, isn't a moss. It is an epiphytic herb, meaning it gains its water and nutrients from the air and run off from the trees it harmlessly inhabits. It is scientifically closer to a pineapple than it is a moss, as they are in the same family.

Check out our LOW retail pricing, compare it with other places, you'll know where to get your Spanish Moss, right here at Moss4U.

For Spanish moss going to AK or HI please call for shipping info.

If you are a business call for our Wholesale Price List. 

For gardening/industrial use and not personal use. Do not handle without protective equipment if you have or may have undiagnosed allergies - handle with care.

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