Reindeer Moss

  • Preserved Reindeer Spring Green

  • Preserved Reindeer Basil

  • 12" x 11" Piece of Reindeer Moss

Reindeer Moss from Florida is unique in that it is hard and crunchy and is a white cream color.  When broken apart it looks like small shrubs in the wintertime when there are no leaves. When wet it becomes it real soft and springy.  We also have "Preserved" which is also soft & springy and comes in Natural Color, Spring Green or Basil.

Perfect for miniature bushes and tree tops in small scaled scenes such as dioramas and model railroads, or for that unusual bush setting. Works great as a decorative covering for living plants and orchids as it allows excellent drainage while retaining moisture and providing air to their roots.

For Reindeer moss going to AK or HI please call for shipping info.

If you are a business, call for our Wholesale price list.

For gardening/industrial use and not for personal use. Do not handle without protective equipment if you have or may have undiagnosed allergies- handle with care.

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