NuMoss Concentrate 8 oz Bottles

Sheet moss or Mood moss turning yellow or tan?

Want to spruce up that dried Spanish moss?

Now you can keep your moss looking fresh all the time.

Introducing NuMoss ®, a Preservant / Colorant from Moss4U.

NuMoss is not a paint. It absorbs into the moss keeping it soft and supple.

Dries to the touch in 30 minutes or less.

Available in Spring Green or Hunter Green.

Comes in 8 ounce concentrate bottles. Mix with water at 10:1 ratio.


Call To Order  941-662-5695

Commercial Use 

BEFORE Dead Sheet Moss

AFTER NuMoss Sheet Moss

 BEFOREDead Mood Moss

AFTER NuMoss Mood Moss

BEFORE Dead Sheet Moss

AFTER NuMoss Sheet Moss

What is NuMoss?

NuMoss is a colorant / preservative specially formulated with semi-transparent pigments in an acrylic binder for better fade resistance than typical dyes and improved resistance to water. NuMoss is not a paint as it absorbs into the moss keeping it soft and supple. Contains anti-spoilage for longer shelf life. Can be used on a variety of florals. Mix with water at 10:1 ratio, or for darker shades lessen dilution ratio. You can use a regular spray bottle or a commercial spray gun for application.

For more information call us at 941-662-5695.

NuMoss® is offered exclusively through Moss4U and is available to businesses.

If you are a business call for our Wholesale Price List. 

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