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Princess Pine

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Galax Leaves

Mango Oak Leaves

Autumn Oak Leaves

Black Curly Lichen

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Elephant Ear Tree Pods

Harvest Oak Leaves

Florida Lotus Pods

Lycopodium Vines

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Shelf Lichen 9" each.

Red Oak Leaves

15" stems - 2.5" - 4" across

Black Curly Lichen Branches 18"

1.5 Cu Ft Box. shown 6'x 3'

Angel Hair Lichen Branches 18"

Burgandy Oak Leaves

3oz 8oz 1lb sizes

We offer a beautiful collection of natural fresh select items. Harvested from certain areas of North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida these items accent any floral arrangement.

BLACK CURLY LICHEN: Probably one of the most attractive and interesting lichens is Black Curly Lichen. Beautiful white, green and black coloration make this one of the top lichens. It is unique in that it has curly edges compared to regular flat black lichens.

BRANCHES: Spectacular is the only way to describe our lichen covered branches. Angel Hair Lichen is a soft, light green, webbing type of lichen that just fills the branch. They come up to 18" long. The Black Curly Lichen Branches are breathtaking, full with color, up to 18" long.

PRINCESS PINE: Our Princess Pine plants are hand picked fresh and shipped directly to you. They come packed 25 to a bundle, 50 bundles per case, for a total of 1,250 plants.

GALAX: Deep green Galax leaves are hand picked fresh, they span 4" to 6" across. They also come packed 25 per bundle, 50 bundles a case, 1,250 leaves.

LYCOPODIUM VINES: Lush and long is our Lycopodium Vines, great for wreaths or when needing a runner, comes in 3 or 5 pound cases.

ELEPHANT EAR TREE PODS: Elephant Ear Tree Pods are an unusual addition to arrangements. They rattle when shaking as they contain between 8 to 14 seeds which can be planted after soaking. The tree affords filtered light with it's huge canopy, but the pods are best used for floral displays. 5 Pack.

SHELF LICHEN: Huge Shelf Lichen, ranging from 5" to 10" spans. Colorful display! Comes 10 to a pack.

TRANSPARENT OAK LEAVES: Comes in a variety of colors and sizes; 3, 4, 8 oz, 1, 25, 40 lb.

LOTUS PODS: Our Florida Lotus Pods come loose or stemmed, 100, 500 and 1,000 count. 

All items are hand picked fresh from rocks and branches using sustainable methods to protect our natural resources and the environment.

                  If you are a business, call for our Wholesale price list.                      


Black Curly Lichen

1.0 cu ft........$60.00

1.5 cu ft........$90.00

18" Black Curly Branches

1.5 cu. ft.......$75.00

Princess Pine Plants

25 / Bundle, 50 Bundles  $250.00

Galax Leaves

1,250 Leaves       $250.00

Lycopodium Vines

3 lbs.......$22.50

5 lbs.......$37.00

Angel Hair Branches 18"

1.5 cu. ft............$75.00

Elephant Ear Tree Pods

Seasonal N/A 

5 Pack..........$20.00

Shelf Lichen 5"-10"

 10 Pack............$125.00

Oak Leaves & Lotus Pods

Call for sizes and pricing.